High Weald Tour Sunday 12th July 2020

The East Sussex MG Club are proud to support Hospice in the Weald through this Tour and in particular their new Cottage Hospice in Five Ashes, the first of its kind in the UK.

Hospice in the Weald provides care completely free of charge to patients with a terminal illness, their families and carers in West Kent and Northern East Sussex. This means we are there 24 hours a day to help, support and care for patients with an illness where a cure is no longer possible, and for patients who will at some stage die from their illness. We provide care through our five services: Hospice in the Home, the In-Patient Ward, Hospice Day Service, Counselling & Support Service and Cottage Hospice.
Hospice in the Weald provides outstanding end of life care for over 3,000 people every year through our services: Hospice Day Service, Hospice in the Home, Counselling Support Service, In-Patient Ward and, from autumn 2019, the UK’s first Cottage Hospice. We are supported by the community we serve, it costs over £7 million to run the Hospice each and every year – nearly 90% of which is fundraised for the charity through events, fundraising groups, donations of money and of goods to our charity shops.
It is hard to describe everything that the Hospice does, but Pam, whose son was cared for by the Hospice, said this, ‘the Hospice is not only where people end their days. I saw patients arrive on a stretcher and leave on foot, their medication sorted, ready to continue their lives in their own homes. The Hospice volunteers on reception, on the ward, the flower arrangers and gardeners never failed to amaze me with their kindness, their warmth and their compassion. My son was looked after, but so was I. So often given a hug, more coffee, a chat, lots of tissues and professional counselling. How do I sum up, can I ever sum up what the Hospice means in one word? Love.’

The Brand New Cottage Hospice in Five Ashes is now open for patients and family caregivers.
Family caregivers will be empowered in continuing to care for their loved ones at the end of life, supported by volunteers.